What is Social Media

We have all heard of FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They are just 3 of many social media platforms or programs. These programs allow people and businesses to communicate with each other, to promote to new and existing clients and to put your products and services in front of an interested audience.

Some platforms, such as Facebook, facilitate very targeted advertising while others put you and your business, with recommendations, in front of others who may be interested. They link people together through common contacts, groups and interest groups.

Not all platforms are suitable for all businesses so it is not for everyone but as with any marketing activity, on-line or off-line, you need to do it properly or not at all. Playing around with it will just waste your time and money as is the case with all other forms of promotion.

For advice on what you could do, what you need to do to make it work and for help in delivering campaigns just email or call us today.

How can it help me?

Is your market business to business or business to consumer, or both?

Is your product or service available locally or can you deliver nationally or internationally?

Do you have a specific demograph? Does this change depending on the season or time of the year, the day of the week, even the time each day?

Are you trying to sell on-line (complete the transaction on-line) or generate interest with new opportunities (leads).

Am I prepared to put in the necessary effort and time for a successful campaign?

All these and more are questions that can help decide if social media is for you and your business.

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