Truska BackUp

How to BackUp

USB hard disk or pen drive. Fine if you have several sets of media so you can rotate a different disk each day. Truskas suggests a minimum of 3 sets but often it is easier to remember which one to use if you have a set for each day of the week.

Also, where do your keep the devices? In a drawer next to the computer - fine for disk and pc failure but not good coverage against theft or fire etc. If you keep it in a safe is the safe good enough to withstand a fire?  Remember, you do not need flames, just heat, to melt and destroy your media.

In the Car. The person doing the backups takes the disks or even tapes home each day. That is fine until they are on holiday or off sick or they get their car or handbag stolen when your data could easily find its way to your competition. Murphy's Law dictates the time tthe backup is missed is the time you will need it.

Truska Backup

Truska Backup is designed to be an all encompassing, secure, safe and easy to use system to provide you with the protection you need.

It runs each day from a schedule, so no human involvement is needed. It compresses and encrypts the data on your computer and transmits it to our secure servers located in a secure data center without the need for any staff to get involved.

You can store generations of backs up allowing you to restore individual files or completed data sets, such as accounts, to different time points. Files deleted locally can be kept on the server for a pre-set time ensuring accidental or malicious loss/deletion is no longer a problem.

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