We have been members of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) since 2003 and more recently, since 2013, David has been more involved at the regional level. In 2013 he joined the Belfast South branch as a volunteer and committee member and in 2016 was elected Chairman of the branch.

The FSB has undergone a major Refresh project with implementation during 2018. As a consequences of this a number of people stood down and David took the opportunity to get more involved with the organisation at both Regional and National level.

During 2018 the position of Regional Councillor became free and a co-option was accepted by David. The Regional Councillor is the representative for an area (12 in the UK - reduced from 33 in the Refresh project) who looks after the member interests from their region, sitting with the board 6 times a year, siting on the Regional Committee and monitoring and recommending actions on members behalf in relation to there membership.

Elections 2018

The position, and others, are up for election in Nov 2018 and David is standing for for the position - if you are a member your vote on his behalf would be most welcome - emails inviting members to vote were sent out on Mon 12th November by the Federation of Small Businesses.

Read more on David's article on his LinkedIn profile.

My Election Profile

Campaigning, Supporting and Promoting small businesses in Northern Ireland at Regional, National and Board level within FSB.

Why do you want to be elected?

I don't just have an interest in small businesses; I am passionate about them and am driven to see them succeed. I have been fortunate to have had a good career in business and want to play my part in improving the environment for other businesses to flourish. I believe FSB is the best organisation to support and represent SMEs and the self-employed, and these elections present an opportunity to speak up for Northern Ireland.

Outside my own businesses, I've served in volunteer roles as an FSB Branch Chair, on the NI Regional Committee, organising numerous events, and more recently as National Councillor for Northern Ireland, working with the 11 other Regions and the FSB Board.

I am seeking your support to continue as National Councillor; the key link between FSB members in Northern Ireland and FSB's National Council - to be the voice of our local members at national level.

What skills, knowledge and experience can you bring to this volunteer opportunity?

I have been a small business owner/director for most of my working life, in manufacturing - Print and Publishing - and in IT and Services, employing over 30 people; all giving me extensive, relevant experience and skills. These include Leadership and Training skills, garnered from in-role experience as well as formal courses; Comprehensive IT skills; and as a qualified instructor in two different sporting disciplines.

My skill-set also includes Networking, from over 15 years of active business networking; Organisation, both from business and from major sporting events; People Management; and Communication, from all levels within a business.

My current role as National Councillor has given me insight into FSB's extensive work at every level -from supporting local business, to campaigning, and providing 24/7 advice and support for our members. I am keen to continue to be a part of this - helping and promoting small business nationally and, as importantly, locally.

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