Cost effective promotion

Email Marketing, targeted and offering great value for money, is one of the best ways to win new business.

Creating your first list from clients is a great start then progress to build your lists using double opt-in non-spam methods to build your list offers to a targeted and willing audience. Truska recommends MailChimp as our preferred system to manage your email marketing campaigns. It is free to use, with some limits, for most small businesses setting out on the email marketing route.

Truska can set up your account, import your initial list and set up your templates so that you can continue to manage your campaigns in-house. Alternatively we can help at any level to assist you in growing your campaigns and increasing your business via this most effective method.

MailChimp - Truska's preferred Solution

For up to 12,000 emails per month to a list not exceeding 2000 addresses - it's free. Beyond this MailChimp still offers great value. Easy to use and we can help you as much or little as you wish.  MailChimp does not only help send your email campaigns to potential clients' in-boxes but also can distribute your campaigns via social media platforms to support traditional delivery and help you build your lists. You can add a form to your web site and include a link from your Facebook profile to sign up new potential clients and you can get an analysis telling you who has opened your emails and what, if any, links they been have clicked on. Target follow up emails automatically based on their interaction, or lack of it, with you. Run standard seasonal or time driven campaigns, automatically pull data, such as courses or events, from your web site and include them in emails... the list goes on.

For more information please just call us or to sign up for an account either ask us for pricing or click here to do it yourself at no charge. We can still help later if needed.

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