To run a web site you must have a domain name. It may be based on your business name or a product or service name and you may have more than one.

Domains come in a number of formats based on the domain suffix or extension such as the more commonly known ones like .com, .co. or .uk. Some are country orientated such as .ie for Ireland and others now available are business sector related such as .tv.,  .net., or .media. For the best choice of domain and to check availability and costs just give Truska a call.

Truska can manage your domains and provide the additional services, such as web and email hosting, and support required to use your domain to its best potential. Unlike many companies we do NOT charge a fee to release domain names to other providers in the unlikely event that you choose to switch providers.

Domains are registered with a domain registrar and you pay an annual fee for the use of the domain. You can register a domain for multiple years which now can help with your SEO as it is interpreted as showing a commitment.

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