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Truska Enterprises was established in 1992 by David Cunningham to meet the growing IT demands of small and medium sized businesses. David's CV is formidable. Prior to Truska he spent 15 years in manufacturing at management level. Armed also with considerable IT skills he has translated this experience into a service company which understands the demands and constraints of the SME.

In 2013 Truska Limited was formed from SME Backup, a company David was a partner in from its inception. This company really only worked with our backup product but in 2015 the two parts of the business were amalgamed into the Limited company meaning all trading from 1July 2015 is under the Truska Limited umbrella.

Working closely with our design partner, Adrian Power at Power Advertising, Truska can now offer a fuller and more complete service with in depth studies of our clients' needs relating to the Digital world and encompassing this knowledge into the development of quality web sites that give the right message, portray the right brand and work for your business. Our partnership has developed further in 2015 culminating in the PowerTruska brand offering a full service digital agency now not just to the SME but also to medium and larger businesses.

Truska Yesterday


Truska Enterprises was established by David Cunningham in 1992 as a general IT service and support base specialising in backend office solutions to the printing sector. Throughout the 1990s Truska expanded its portfolio of specialised systems, developing sales and accounting solutions for the commercial and financial sectors.

Designing web sites since the last century.

In 1999 we were commissioned to develop our first ecommerce web site. Fourteen years on this same company still use Truska for their ongoing web development. By the end of 2002 the Internet had become the primary focus of the business and by 2004 over 90% of our turnover was directly related to the production and management of business web sites. Truska has grown up with the internet and as it has evolved so have we.

We pride ourselves in staying abreast of the latest technology to ensure we can offer our clients the smartest and most affordable solutions available for their business regardless of size or sector.

Our experience and technical pedigree is the reason why clients continue to trust Truska with the most important marketing tool of their business.

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